Bantam White Araucana Pairs

Bantam White Araucana Pairs

6-7 months old. Some are recessive white and dominant white. Nice yellow skin. Perfect breeding pairs. These birds are a work in progress. **Note pictures taken at 5-6 months old**

Local pickup – South Central Pa – email for p/u time.

Vaccinated for Mareks. AI/Pullorum neg. flock.

Email for shipping quote.

Pair #1 purple band
Double tufted cockerel and clean faced pullet. Perfect for breeding and show potential for the cockerel.
Will produce 50%/50% dt & cf offspring. **Note: band on pullet was yellow for picture**



3 thoughts on “Bantam White Araucana Pairs

  1. Matthew Dempsey says:

    We recently had a pack of raccoons come through and decimate all our hands but left all our roos. Looking to get 4 to 6 pullets if that is something you would be able to accommodate we would just be thrilled. Thank you for your time.


    • Kellye Kellye says:

      Hello Matt,

      Unfortunately I only have 3 Bantam pairs, and 1 LF pair at this time. I hatch in small batches, and I will start hatching again around March-May depending on fertility. I will ship chicks 6 weeks and older.


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