Silkies and Araucana for Sale

Silkies and Araucana for Sale

I will have Blue and Splash Silkie chicks for sale starting in late May/early June.

I will also have Black (possibly some blue) LF Araucana chicks in June.

Keep an eye out to my sale page.

7 thoughts on “Silkies and Araucana for Sale

  1. Donna Peterson says:

    I am looking for large fowl black Araucana. I have 3 black hens- double tufted, single and clean face. Need an rooster or a pair if available this year. My dt is 5 and looking to try one more time to hatch something from her, This time I know to butt trim for fertility.

    • Kellye Kellye says:

      I will only have chicks, and I won’t have any thing till June/July. I put eggs in the incubator but nothing has been fertile. I trimmed and plucked butts this week, and I am hoping the next batch is promising.

  2. Pam Stephens says:

    Araucana Chickens
    Hi, I so intrested in getting 1 or 2 juvenile or young chicks.
    I live in Two Rivers, WI in the city limits. We can only have 6 girls only & the coop I’m building is large enough for 4-5 birds. I have 2 girls now.
    I would like to show in our small county fair, this year or next with a tuft & humpless. I have always wanted an araucana.
    I don’t want to spend more than $100 a bird.
    Any suggestions?

    • Kellye Kellye says:

      Hello! I am currently setting eggs from my large fowl araucana. They have not been fertile yet this year. I just trimmed butts last week and we will see how it goes. I can ship 6 week old chicks, but I can not guarantee sex. Depending on color and quality I will sell them for $25-35 each.

    • Kellye Kellye says:

      There are 16 varieties of silkies in the US, and they come in 8 different colors.
      Bearded/Non-bearded White, Bearded/Non-bearded Black, Bearded/Non-bearded Buff, Bearded/Non-bearded Blue, Bearded/Non-bearded Splash, Bearded/Non-bearded Gray, Bearded/Non-bearded Partridge, Bearded Self Blue, Bearded White Naked Neck

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