Started Silkies

Started Silkie Chicks

Blue and Splash 6-8 weeks old.
Correct number of toes. Off heat.
1 dark blue
3 splash

Straight run – too young to sex.


AI/pullorum negative flock.
Shipping available – email for quote.

Local pickup York County, Pa.


5 thoughts on “Started Silkies

  1. Kristal says:

    Hey, interested in these chicks. Are you selling them unsexed or do you think they are all Roos? Also what would shipping be to 12108, NY? Thanks, Kristal

    • Kellye Kellye says:

      Shipping would be $33. The 2 – 8 week olds and the 2 – 6 week olds look the same as in comparable to size and comb size at this age. These are the only chicks I have that hatched at the time, So I don’t have any other chicks the same age to compare them too. I have only been able to hatch in small batches, when I have the room and when my hens want to lay for me.

  2. Kristal says:

    Ok can I send you the $50 via PayPal and the shipping on Tuesday? Banks closed but I have enough to pay for the birds. As for shipping, it’s suppose to be stupid cold for a couple weeks so are you willing to hold them til it warms up a bit? If so I’ll get them paid asap. Thanks, Kristal

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