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Welcome to our site.

We started raising chickens shortly after buying our home. We inherited some Silkies from a friend and we fell in love. We started showing Silkies in 2012 and decided to work on getting some show quality birds. We bought 10 chicks from Bobbi Porto in 2013 and have been building our own line from them. We purchased a Splash Cockerel from Barbara Grubb in 2015. In 2016 we purchased another Splash Cockerel and Splash Pullet whose sire was a Jack Ferguson Blue Cock that Jess Koch Kellner acquired from Liz Webb. In late 2016 we purchased a pair of whites from Anh Stanley.

We started raising Araucana in 2012 after hatching eggs from Greg Hughes. After growing out our first LF blacks, we then bought some eggs from Stacy Hopkins (blue and splash). In 2013 we purchased our first DT Black Cockerel from Judy Dutrutch and named him “Desi Arnaz”. In early 2016 we got our next DT Black Cock from Steve Waters. We are now breeding and perfecting this wonderful breed. My black pen is now closed from other flocks because of feather-legged issues. We are blessed to not have this problem in our flock, and we want this to continue. In early 2016 we received some bantam white eggs from Nilia Green (Nancy Utterback stock), and late 2016 we bought a cockerel from Drexel Jordan. 2017 will be trading with Cynthia Smith to help our breeding program. We are happy to say we will continue to build with this breed. There are fewer bantam breeders out there and we fell in love with these little guys. 🙂

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